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About Us

If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact us. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way. We are a website dedicated to snoring remedies, stories, solutions including sleeping aids. Happy sleeping!

Here are some statistics regarding sleeping and snoring :

30% (percent) of people over the age of 30 snore.

40% (percent) of people over the age of 40 snore.

19% (percent) of women snore.

59% (percent) of people say their partner(s) snore.

6% (percent) of children snore.

28% (percent) of people who snore also experience sleep apnea.

The average noise in decibels of a snore is 38 decibels.