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911 Dispatcher Caught Snoring

911 Dispatcher Caught Snoring

A Maryland woman calls 911 but instead hears snores. *Subscribe: bit.ly
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14 Responses to “911 Dispatcher Caught Snoring”

  1. That is an extremely difficult job! To try to do all of that for 24 hours straight is hard as hell. It is whoever makes the schedules fault

  2. THis is obviously not the dispatcher’s fault. We are ALL human. The blame should lie with the department that thought it was ok to have a dispatcher working a 24 HOUR shift. Are you freaking kidding???? They should be sued.

  3. Supermodels are tarts. Kick her teeth out

  4. Zzzzzzz…ee what hapen . Sorry i was sleep

  5. It’s gonna happen one in a blue moon. The guy was tired and possibly stressed out leave ‘em alone.

  6. totally agree with comment below scho..

  7. This is why unemployment is so hire and federal spending is so high. Give all the work to one guy to do and pay him overtime. Sure beats training but as you can see here productivity goes down.

  8. 17 hours lol….

  9. IWantAbsNowPackSix Reply October 11, 2012 at 9:08 am

    this girl is HOT

  10. Oh great so some guy stabs me im bleeding to death i call for help and the asshole is sleeping!?!?!

    Incompetent people there man wtf.

  11. I appreciate that ABC is finally using supermodels to anchor their news.

  12. I dont blame him a bit for falling asleep! yes that really sucks and he is there to help people, but why the hell was he working for 17 hours straight??? that is irresponsible on the part of the people that do the hiring.

  13. Andrew van Baarsen Reply October 11, 2012 at 11:31 am


  14. wtf?