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Kelly Snoring


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14 Responses to “Kelly Snoring”

  1. yes if you are woman and snoring loud I love to listen your snoring in a long video

  2. Would you like to listen to my snoring!

  3. my neighbour snores really really loud, she is obese aswell

  4. wow thats awesome

  5. my word she is loud!!!! jeez!!! :D 

  6. why do you like snoring so much?

  7. wouldn’t wanna sleep next to her!!!!!!!!

  8. He needs to go get a sleep study because I saw her pause in breath a couple of times. We all might snore but not ever as Lou Ayla that hippo does

  9. you are right …… realy OMG

  10. Oh my god.

  11. This animal needs to be back in the zoo where she belongs

  12. LMFAO she sounds like a hippo! What a nightmare!!

  13. wow this is definitely the loudest snore by a female on youtube… you have to upload more!

  14. wow she’s snoring very strong and nice can you make more longer video of her snoring in supine positions or moe and more of her wonderful snoring make me very happy I would like to sleep every night with her to listen all the night her perfect snoring