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Everything You Need To Know About Snoring

Snoring causes a lot of inconvenience and aggravation. Whether you’re the culprit or it’s your partner who snores, both of you will be affected. Snoring has an annoying sound, and can affect whether someone is able to get a sufficient amount of sleep. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to solve this problem and get your sleeping back on track. The following tips can help you find a remedy for your snoring.

Ask you doctor to check your thyroid levels. Hypothyroidism can cause certain people, especially women, to snore. This can cause a hormone imbalance which can negatively affect your sleep and cause a host of other problems. Your doctor can order a thyroid test to see if you have a medical condition that is causing you to snore.

Using sleeping pills is a real catch-22 if you have trouble with snoring. The pills make it easier to get to sleep, but they also encouraging snoring, making your sleep less restful. One of the things that sleeping pills do is relax your muscles. The muscles responsible for keeping your nose open will not do their job and your pathways will get narrower. As a result, you’ll end up snoring.

Don’t drink alcohol right before bed if you want to resolve snoring problems. In addition to this, you should also avoid taking sleeping pills, antihistamines and tranquilizers right before bed. The reason for this is because these items relax your muscles, and then in turn this limits your air passageway and increases your snoring.

Making “fish faces” may help eliminate snoring. Strengthening the muscles in the face and throat is effective in minimizing snoring. To perform the exercise purse your lips and draw your cheeks in. Put your lips into a shape that a fish would. You want to do this a couple of times each day.

Not only can snoring be bothersome to you, but it can also be bothersome to those who sleep in your presence. Because they help hair intake, invest in nasal strips. Even they may look silly, they help decrease snoring, which is beneficial for both you and those around you.

Don’t sleep on your back if you want to avoid snoring. Sleeping flat on your back makes your throat relax, which causes the soft palate to descend. This can exacerbate your snoring. To avoid snoring, sleep on your side or in any position other than on your back.

People with allergies who snore, need to take their antihistamines away from bedtime. Antihistamines promote drowsiness and can relax your air passageways too much, resulting in an increased chance that you will snore while you sleep. If you need to take an antihistamine, take it long before bed.

You can stop snoring by simply changing the position in which you sleep. Most of the time, snoring occurs when a person sleeps on their back. Sleeping on your back causes the throat muscles and tissue to relax, partially closing your airway, which leads to snoring. Sleep on your side to prevent your muscles from relaxing.

Nasal strips are a wonderful natural remedy that anyone who snores should try. These strips are not stylish, but they can be effective in opening your nasal pathways and making it much easier to breathe. These strips work by opening up the airways in the nose to stimulate air flow in and out. Nasal strips are completely safe; they are medication free, so they won’t interact with any medications you take.


Many people swear by the “tennis ball cure”. This is when you place a tennis ball in a pocket that you have sewn on the back of your shirt or when you place one inside a sock and pin in on your back. This will prevent you from sleeping on your back; if you try, you’ll soon roll over to get more comfortable. After you become used to sleeping on your side, you can remove the tennis ball.

One option for snorers is a procedure that can trim or take out the uvula. This is a hanging flap of tissue at the back of your throat. The procedure can stop your snoring and also sleep apnea, but you’re more likely to choke when you eat after the surgery.

If snoring is bothering your partner while you sleep, find a solution that works while you’re in bed. The synthetic materials in bedding and sheets are a source of allergens for many different people. These allergies may be the cause of the swollen airways and stuffed up nose that cause snoring. Instead, use bedding that is either plain cotton or “non-allergenic”.

A snoring problem can be a hassle in many ways. Besides the poor sleep it inflicts on the sufferer, snoring can be loud and aggravating enough to disturb the sleep of other household members. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce your snoring. From reading this article, you encountered several techniques to help you cease snoring. By using these tips, you will be able to better manage your snoring.

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