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Purr Like A Kitten At Night With These Stop Snoring Ideas

A subject like snoring can be sensitive for people to talk with others about. So because no one talks about snoring, there is little widespread knowledge about how to alleviate it. By using the advice offered here, you can learn handy tips and tricks to reduce or eliminate snoring without having to discuss the matter with anyone!

Try a little honey before bed to reduce your snoring. Honey can open up the constricted airways, which cause you to snore. Doing this will make breathing easier for you. Because of this, you’ll be snoring much less than you used to.

Don’t drink alcoholic beverages if you have problems with snoring. Also, it is important not to take antihistamines, sleeping pills or tranquilizers prior to falling asleep. These items help to relax all of your muscles, including your throat, which can lead to a restricted airway, and therefore snoring.

Avoid alcohol if you want to quit snoring. Because alcoholic beverages depress your central nervous system, consuming it makes you more prone to snoring. The more your muscles are relaxed, the higher chance you will snore. Reduce the chances of snoring by staying away from alcohol. While it’s perfectly fine to have the occasional drink, it’s not a good idea to be a regular imbiber.

Do your best to not physically harm anyone who is snoring next to you while they sleep. You may be frustrated and angry, but there are other ways to manage these feelings, instead of taking it out on your partner. Get some earplugs and try to be understanding. After all, they are asleep and don’t know they are doing it!

Sleeping pills or alcohol can actually help to reduce your snoring. Your central nervous system can be calmed from these chemicals, therefore relaxing your jaw and throat. The activity of these muscles can cause snoring. Use these products with caution, as they can cause sleep apnea.

If you are snoring and you are pregnant, you have to see a doctor right away. Snoring may be a sign that your fetus is being deprived of oxygen. If you snore during your pregnancy, check with your doctor to gauge your snoring’s impact on your baby.

Nasal strips are a great way to reduce snoring, and finally, get a good night’s rest. The strips open your nasal passageways and make it easier for you to breathe properly during the night. Some pro athletes use these strips to enhance their performance, so try them!

If you would like to avoid snoring, get a firmer pillow. A soft pillow allows your head to fall into a position which causes your throat to collapse. Since air has a tougher time getting through your air passages, you will start snoring. The air passages will stay open if your pillow is firm.

Exercise often to reduce the intensity of your snoring. Physical activity keeps your breathing patterns regulated, which can help to reduce snoring. Exercise not only helps to keep your respiratory system in good working order, but also is a wonderful stress reducer. It has been shown that high stress levels can alter breathing patterns, which in turn can make you snore.

If you snore, you may want to blow your nose and use a saline nasal spray prior to bedtime. By keeping airways clear, you’ll be able to breathe better while sleeping. If you are congested, then you’re probably breathing through your mouth for a little while.


Many people swear by the “tennis ball cure”. This special technique requires you to put a tennis ball behind your back; you can sew a special pocket on the shirt that you are wearing, or you can put the ball in a sock, then affix it behind your back. This reminds you to not sleep on your back. Over time, it will become natural for you to sleep on your side or stomach; at that point, you can ditch the tennis ball.

You might have heard about a surgical option for shrinking or excising the uvula. This is a small flap of tissue. It hangs down in back of your throat. While doing this surgical procedure could cure sleep apnea and snoring, it is vital to know that having your uvula removed could place you at risk of choking.

If you and your significant other are losing sleep over your snoring, check for the cause right in your bed. Sometimes people can be allergic to the materials that make up their bedding. The symptoms the allergies cause, such as a stopped up nose, can cause swelling in the air passages leading to snoring. One way to avoid this is to use hypoallergenic bedding; you can also purchase sheets that are made of plain, untreated cotton.

Snoring can be an under-reported and under-discussed condition that a lot of people avoid talking about. Hopefully, the advice that this article has given you will not only help you talk more openly about snoring but also equip you with some strategies for treatment that may prove highly effective.

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