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Snoring Cure ?

does anyone have a good cure for snoring gang??
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25 Responses to “Snoring Cure ?”

  1. Your problem has now been solved!
    Sorry that it took me so long to invent this. The worlds most effective and most available partner snoring solution. I don’t enter my bedroom without it and unlike millions of others i can sleep with my wife WHILE SHE SNORES!
    Spread the word my friend… put away all of the gadgets and gismos… toss that extra bed and go sleep with your wife, where you belong! Good luck and I’ll look forward to hearing from you! Your friend Mr SnorEraser

  2. if she has a problem with the snoring she should be in the computer room

  3. If you’re serious about fixing the problem (and haven’t already done so by now), get thee to an inspiration clinic for a sleep test. They’ll either give you a device that you put in your mouth which sets your jaw in a certain position while to sleep to allow airflow, or they’ll give you a CPAP machine. Both are really sexy, especially the CPAP if you have a thing for Darth Vader. Hehe. (Most of the time it’s weight related though, but we can’t have a skinny FAB, can we?)

  4. I bet that wasn’t the only reason she kicked you out.

  5. Hey Fat,

    I sent a message about my “Snore No More Belt” and if you are satisfied with it I wonder if you would spread the word. I am just starting out and it is hard to get the word out there. A testimonial would be a big help. I hope you will consider it. Thanks.


  6. LOL Cindy banished me to my own room the day we moved in together! The worst part is she wouldn’t let me keep the computer in my room so I was forced, forced I tell you, to get a laptop…

  7. get nose plugs lol

  8. FUCK MAN I know. But hey, do u want to watch TV on ur PC

    You’ll get all the SKY CHANNELS there is

    AND from any country IN THE WORLD, on your pc screen!!!!

    Go to this website…


    (DELETE the *)

    check it out…………….its cool, i’ve got it myself.

  9. Poor Bernie FAB see a ear throat surgeon LOl

  10. Have you tried getting bernie some good earplugs? lol

  11. KidneysDntBelngInPie Reply October 8, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    that was the first thought that came to my head when i saw this guy!! HA HA HA HA!!

  12. Dude, I have a friend who is a lung specialist and deals with a lot of people like us, I mean you…!

    He said that losing weight is a big help.

    Do not eat too much meat at night, go to the gym and stop going to MacDonalds.

    I promise you your mrs will love you more.

    Good luck poor bastard!!!

  13. I have the perfect cure mate!!! what happens is… you go to sleep. and when you snore.. Bernie takes a pillow and presses it over your face… now this may take Big Tom to help hold you down… but when you stop movin … you’re cured mate!!! LOL ~HHJ~

  14. go google for cures

  15. You would hate the one thing that fixed my snoring.. It was a very pleasant, side benefit to quitting drinking. Now, after 6 years, no sheila’s have interest to get to my bed anymore, let alone see if I snore or not..
    Too old now, and in America, every single woman wants, 1st NONSMOKER 2nd, Social Drinker… Oh Well, No Worries

  16. Breatherite Nasal Strips, In most chemists…

    Having your own pc room cant be all that bad huh?

    Internet porn night every night, jk

  17. you look like a back packer killer! bahahaha!

  18. tell the mrs to go to sleep before you do

  19. TheFatAussieBarstard Reply October 9, 2012 at 2:07 am

    G,day Donnie…was nice chattin with ya mate….cheerz…

  20. TheFatAussieBarstard Reply October 9, 2012 at 2:34 am

    hahaha..nope…no wine for me mate…and I like the tazer idea…lol..

  21. We spoke on Stickam last night.

    Hey dude ; )

  22. FAB,
    Losing about 30 pounds (15kg) would go a long way to fixing you snoring problem.

  23. Don’t know what to tell ya mate. Maybe a roll of duct tape would do the trick?

  24. Honey, I banned myself from the marital bedroom for the same reason. When the wife is the one who snores, the husband won’t kick her out of the bed. He’ll just keep waking her up. I was banned from the bunkroom of one of my firehouses for snoring, so I slept on the sofa in the TV room.

    I don’t know what to tell ya, Pete. I’m waiting for my parrot to kick me out of my house.

  25. take some bloody umm butter menthols or soothers they could do it probably