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Try These Stop Snoring Tips To Rest Easy At Night

Many many people suffer from snoring in one way or another. If you snore, it affects the quality of your sleep – and of those who sleep with you! It can even cause friction in a marriage. Read this article to find out how you can manage your snoring or help someone you love get rid of their snoring problem.

If you have a problem with snoring, blow your nose and use saline nasal spray prior to going to bed. By keeping airways clear, you’ll be able to breathe better while sleeping. If you do not have congestion in your nose, you will not use your mouth to breathe.

A decrease in snoring is just one more reason to quit smoking. If quitting doesn’t work, ensure that you don’t smoke within two hours of your bedtime. Smoking causes inflammation and swelling in your throat, which narrows your airway. Narrow air passages mean you will snore more. So, not smoking before bed will mean that your airways stay more open.

Singing aloud is a technique for reducing snoring. Some doctors say that you can sing to remedy your snoring, because when you sing muscles build up the soft palate in the throat. You increase muscle tone which helps assist your passageways narrowing at night, so you don’t snore when you sleep at night.

If you are expecting a baby and find out you started snoring, go to your doctor. The combined weight and hormones can relax your muscles, particularly those of your airways. This makes you more likely to snore, and the fetus starts getting less oxygen.

Try some simple exercises to help control or get rid of snoring. These exercises work the muscles in your throat, which strengthens them and prevents them from collapsing as you sleep. You will execute this by voicing vowel sounds and repeated curling of your tongue. This strengthens your upper respiratory area, as well as the muscles.

Many people who snore don’t consider how it impacts their relationship with their significant other. If left unchecked, your snoring may drive your partner from your bed! This obviously isn’t healthy for a relationship and therefore it is essential to consult your doctor about permanent snoring relief.

Think about trying nasal strips. While they aren’t the most attractive accessories, these small strips keep your nasal passages open and improve your ability to breathe. They do their job by pulling open the nasal pathways, helping them remain in the perfect position to keep air flowing through the body. They do not contain any medications or chemicals, and almost anyone can use them safely.

Perhaps medications you are taking are responsible for your snoring. Many medications can dry out the nasal membranes, reducing airflow and increasing swelling. On the other hand, some medications are sedating, which can cause too much relaxation of the muscles of the throat that you can’t get enough air during sleep.

Eat a spoon or two of honey before going to bed. Many people swear by honey as a cure for snoring, although there’s no clear reason why this remedy works. It seems less odd when you do a survey of the literature on home remedies and see how often honey comes up.

If you sleep on your side, this will reduce your likelihood of snoring. It has been shown that sleeping on your back increases the risk of snoring. Sleeping facing down isn’t a good idea, either, as this puts strain on your neck. This is why it’s good to sleep on your side.


If you snore, you may have heard of an operation that can reduce the size of, or completely remove, the uvula. The uvula is tissue which hangs at the rear of the throat. You need to realize that removing the uvula can help alleviate snoring but your risk of choking will increase.

A lot of people believe strongly that the special “tennis ball cure” works. This method consists of placing a ball on the back through sewing a type of pocket on the shirt for it, or just placing it inside a sock, then pinning it to the back. The ball will remind you to not lay on your back, even when you sleep. Over time, it will become natural for you to sleep on your side or stomach; at that point, you can ditch the tennis ball.

If snoring is the cause of sleeplessness for you or a partner, there could be a culprit right where you sleep–your bed! Some people find that they are allergic to both the materials that their beds and bedding are are made out of. This can cause stuffy noses or blocked nasal passages which both can result in snoring. Buy a non-allergenic bedding set or a plain cotton one if you currently have synthetic bedding.

As noted above, many people snore. It interrupts both the peaceful sleep of the one who is snoring, but also the partner or spouse who has to put up with the noise. The hints you’ve read here should help you to end snoring for good.

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