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What Are The Main Causes Of Snoring?

As it is both aggravating and frustrating, snoring should be considered a serious problem. Regardless of whether you are the snorer or someone else who sleeps near you is, it can be troublesome to deal with. Loud snoring can keep someone awake throughout the entire night. Thankfully, there a lot of ways you can prevent it from happening! In this article, you will find a few effective way to deal with snoring.

If you snore, it’s an irritation for both you and the person trying to sleep next to you. Because they help hair intake, invest in nasal strips. The strips may appear ridiculous at first, but they are effective in reducing snoring and will help your loved ones to be less annoyed with you.

While it might be hard news to take, you can stop snoring by losing weight. When you gain weight, it not only builds up in the body, but the neck area as well. The extra weight around your neck crushes your air canals and restricts airflow, causing vibrations to occur as you breath in and out, which results in snoring.

If you snore and smoke cigarettes, one way to reduce the snoring is to quit the smoking. Smoking can irritate your throat, and cause it to swell. Swelling in the throat is a leading cause of snoring.

One simple way to reduce snoring is to watch your sleeping position. Most of the time sleeping on your back can cause you to snore because gravity pushes your head down, causing your throat to close a little. Sleeping on your side will lessen the weight on your neck and make snoring more unlikely.

Although they may assist you in sleeping, keep away from drugs like alcohol or sleeping pills in order to prevent snoring. Your entire body relaxes, including the muscles in your throat, so this can actually lead to excessive, noisy snoring. Rather than self-medicating your sleeping problems, discuss your situation with a doctor or other medical professional.

There is a common method used to treat snoring. People who lay on their backs snore more, because of the tissues in their airway collapsing, so try using a tennis ball attached on the backside of your pajamas so you have to roll to the side to sleep.

Avoid the use of illegal drugs. They can cause you to snore, let alone the other health hazards they create. Marijuana can affect you the same way legal prescription medications do; it relaxes you. In addition, drugs that are found on the street, such as pain killers, can have a similar effect. You may find this relaxation enjoyable, but once asleep, your snoring will begin.

If you are having issues with snoring, try using a humidifier before going to sleep. Humidifiers moisturize your lungs and throat, helping to clear your passageways, which makes it easier for you to breath while sleeping.

Hypothyroidism has been linked to increased sleep apnea and snoring. Thyroid disorders can cause snoring, especially for women. This can also cause a hormone imbalance and can disrupt sleep. Having a thyroid panel done could help to determine what is causing your snoring.

Try elevating your head at night while you are sleeping, to see if it reduces your snoring. Use a thick, supportive pillow. Also, you can use two or three pillows. This puts your head in a more upright position, and that increases airflow which may result in a reduced amount of snoring.


The source of the snoring problem robbing you or your significant other of a good night’s rest might be closer than you think–right in your bed. You might be allergic to your sheets and bedding. This can cause allergy symptoms, such as stuffy noses and irritated nasal passages, which can lead to snoring. Consider using bedding made from plain cotton, or specially designed “non-allergenic” bedding that you can get at specialty linen stores.

The unusual “tennis ball cure” has some loyal fans. This special technique requires you to put a tennis ball behind your back; you can sew a special pocket on the shirt that you are wearing, or you can put the ball in a sock, then affix it behind your back. The ball serves as a reminder to stay off your back, even while you’re sleeping. After you get accustomed to sleeping on either side, you will not have to use the tennis ball any more.

If you suffer from snoring, you may be aware of a surgery that can shrink or remove the uvula. The uvula is tissue which hangs at the rear of the throat. The procedure can stop your snoring and also sleep apnea, but you’re more likely to choke when you eat after the surgery.

Snoring is annoying to deal with. It is unpleasant to listen to and can keep others awake, unable to get the rest they need. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to put an end to snoring. This article shared many techniques that are effective in fighting snoring. Use these tips to help you get snoring problems under control.

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